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Written By: Jeremy Gutierrez

May 15, 2017

You’re probably wondering if there any way that is easy to memorize physiology and anatomy terms. I wish there was some manner zbrush for students that is easy. Back when I began studying the human anatomy I was one of those who’d hard time memorizing those terms even and of course Latin terms. I hunted low and high for any system that could simplify the process of memorization for me. I’ve found a couple of simple suggestions whom I desire to share with you if you still have issues to memorize anatomy terms. In my opinion physiology and human anatomy is a subject that is visual. It’s better to learn it. If you’ve the chance to to visit the lab and spend your time learning there its the greatest way to study anatomy.

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Sadly few of us have to chance to visit the laboratory. So I chose to study physiology on three dimensional rich-media visualization software. Do not underestimate the power of illustration and cartoon. This suggestion alone enabled me to learn human structure and anatomy quite fast. Now back to the anatomy terms. It’s difficult to memorize such terms. There’s a massive list of such terms in anatomy. п»ї

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How do you memorize them? I use a tip they use to learn foreign language. Choose number of index cards. Write the Latin term on one side of the card and its meaning on other side. Begin by looking at the word then reversing to the definition. By going through the cards again and again memorize the terms. Switch back and forth until the term can be defined by you and then look at the definition and name the term. The most important part to prepare for test would be to have some great Anatomy and Physiology tests and study guide.