Player’s Paradise: Free Agency

Written By: Christopher Thomas

March 5, 2016

Okay, so earlier we discussed some of the pitfalls of free agency for NFL teams in this article. But let’s toss the cliche “NFL is a business” line to the side for a moment, and look at this from some top players perspective. Disclaimer: These moves may not be possible or make any sense for NFL front offices.

We will reference the list compiled of the top 99 available players in free agency 2016.

Doug Martin Free Agent 2016

Let’s start with last years no. 2 overall rusher, the dougernaut. The guy comes into the league in 2012 and rushes for over 1,000 yards. The offence that year was 13th in scoring, in the following two years the offence finished 30th, and 29th in scoring. This year Doug had a MONSTER 1,402 yards while the offence experienced a renaissance (comparatively) under Jameis Winston. The bottom line is: Doug Martin needs a proficient offence. His ideal destinations?

Mario Williams Free Agent 2016

The number one pick in the 2006 NFL draft.. Mario Williams! The Bills misused one of the most talented edge rushing defensive ends in the league, leading to diminishing stat lines. Don’t let the stat line fool you, this guy much like the aging  DeMarcus Ware can still be a top pass rusher. One very lucky team operating a 4-3 defense will benefit from the Bills’ mistake.

  • The Eagles – This one is all about the connection with new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz under whom Williams had his best season. It also helps Schwartz is moving the Eagles to a 4-3. He knows his role, and can enjoy chasing down QBs.
  • The New York Giants – This one is a perfect blend of team need and player fit. The Giants traditionally have had very strong defensive fronts, and run a 4-3. The addition of Williams and retention of JPP will go a long way towards bringing the Giant defense back to respectability. All while Mario finally gets to enjoy the attention this major market team will put on his fine career.
  • Falcons – This team had the lowest sack percentage in the league, they need to add an impact player on D if they want to stay relevant after October. Here, Mario can be the true star of the defense.


Eric Weddle Free Agent 2016

All pro free safety, and beard aficionado, Eric Weddle is a big time play maker up for grabs. He wrestled with leaving San Diego, but he is determined to win NOW.

  • Patriots –  Are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick still in New England? You should go there if you want to have a great shot at winning.
  • Panthers – They were just in the Superbowl, and looked damn good all year, this is as good a bet as any (I don’t see the Broncos repeating their unlikely feat).
  • The Steelers – Take away the injuries to Le’Veon Bell and Big Ben, and this team could have walked right through the AFC playoffs

Matt Forte Free Agent 2016

A versatile talent since entering the league, Matt Forte fell victim to the “business” side of the NFL as rookie Jeremy Langford showed flashes of primary back talent. Forte has always been a loyal, team first guy who wants to win. He’d make a great…

  • Seattle Seahawk – What better environment for a team first talent like Forte? Why not pair him with the ultimate players coach in Pete Carroll. He gets a great shot to start, win, and gets a great fan base in Seattle.
  • Colts – Andrew Luck will throw it down the field opening up running lanes, and when he extends plays Matt Forte would be the ultimate dump-off target. The stat sheet would explode.
  • Cowboys – The NFC East is wide open, and if Tony Romo can stay healthy, they would have a real shot to make a push in the playoffs. Also, who could ask for a better line to run behind?

Olivier Vernon Free Agent 2016

If you are a young pass rusher with some prior success in the NFL, it is good to be you. It is good to be Olivier Vernon. The young edge rusher received the transition tag this off-season, which means the Dolphins have the right to match any offer made by another team.

  • The team with the deepest pockets – This is the young player’s dream, supply meet demand. So many teams have need for a player with Vernon’s talents, so it will be a bidding war. At this stage of his career, why not chase the paper.

Alright, that’s enough for now. Let me know below or @R2Christopher what you think. Calling all trolls.