Malik Jackson Signs 6 Year Deal

Written By: Christopher Thomas

March 8, 2016

Wow, kudos to you Malik Jackson! Reports are coming in that he is on the verge of a 6 year contract which would pay him around $15 million per year

This deal will make Jackson the 4th, fourth, cuatro-th highest paid defensive lineman in the NFL. Yes, you read that correctly. This was Jackson’s 1st season as a full time starter after being a 5th round selection 4 years ago. In his first season as a full time starter Jackson compiled a gaudy 45 tackles and 5 sacks. Pro Football Focus ranked Jackson as its 16th best interior defensive lineman. Let’s take a look at his career stats:

Malik Jackson Career Stats

Now as I mentioned before, this contract will make him the 4th highest paid defensive lineman in the league. That sandwiches his contract between Marcell Dareus, and Robert Quinn. For good measure, let’s take a look at Quinn’s career stats in comparison to Jacksons:

Robert Quinn Career Stats

Double digit sacks every year except his rookie, and his injury marred last season. Now I warned you all about the potential pitfalls for teams heading into free agency, and clearly the Jaguars didn’t listen. This is a shame because this young team is finally showing some promise. Too bad it wont last when players like Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Blake Bortles need to be resigned, meanwhile you are paying a d-lineman $15 million per year for 6 sacks.


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