Luckiest NFL plays of 2015

Written By: Christopher Thomas

March 11, 2016

Today I went to my local grocery store to pick up a few things for lunch while making a semi-concerted effort to be healthy. Well, this plan quickly went off the rails when I saw the prominently placed Easter candy. Peeps are great, but I’m talking about those decadent little Cadbury cream eggs. Come on. That’s not all though. I pass through the liquor isle (rookie mistake), and I see 12 packs of Guinness, normally marked at $20, for $9.99… If you buy three. I am only human, thus I now have three boxes of Guinness. The tasty Irish beer brought me to a revelation, St. Patty’s day is on the 17th! So with the luck of the Irish in mind, what were the 5 luckiest plays in pro football last season?


No. 5

Butter Balls

Coming in at number 5, Mr. Ed Dickson. Fun Fact: Dickson has only 10 career touchdowns, that means 10% of his TD’s are on fluke plays. Talk about right place at the right time.

No. 4

Fail Mary Redemption

The play leading up to this one isn’t as scintillating, but might be just as lucky as the hail Mary. Packers fans should accept this as retribution for the legendary “Fail Mary”.

No. 3

 Devine Bouncervention

Not much more you can do but look at this play and invent a word for random tipped balls potentially manipulated by a deity (see: Bouncervention). More coming from this instant classic divisional playoff match-up.

No. 2

 Double Retribution

 Annnd we’re back! Told you we’d see more from this game. Alright, the Fail Mary never should have happened. Now they have retribution in the form of TWO in one season. Hail Mary is literally a prayer. They aren’t supposed to happen. This one was to send a divisional playoff game to overtime, so how lucky is that? I never want to hear Packers fans complain about being slighted for the Fail Mary again.

No. 1

“I guess i’ll take it”

I just love how Delanie Walker just sort of gives up, then decides to take matters into his own hands. Literally, all the Saints defensive backs did on the play was keep the ball off the ground so Delanie could get there to take it. Man the Saint’s D was bad last year.


That’s it, luckiest 5 plays of the 2015 NFL season. Before I leave you, here is a play that I just don’t want people to forget..

All the fancy setup of a well choreographed fake punt, with none of the results. Excellent.


I think it may be time to crack open my pre St. Patty’s day Guinness, cheers. Oh, and like our Facebook page and let me know if you can think of any plays that were luckier than mine below or @R2Christopher